[slideshow]Welcome to the past!  After a busy few weeks of solo gigs and moving house it was great to find myself slipping away into another century.  I am not backwards in coming forwards where creating a costume and escaping into another era is concerned...and so I found myself at Erddig again, this time in Victorian times.  With two other local musicians, Gareth on viola and Ed on cello, we formed the 'Erddig Trio' and had great fun entertaining all the visitors!  The house and gardens were alive with curios and characters - a flea circus, Victorian parlour games, Punch and Judy, a magician, owls, shire horses, traditional fairground games...even a mermaid!

With the smoke from the tents, the thunder from the sky, and the lull of the barrel organ, it truly felt like entering a magical kingdom.  As usual rain tried to stop play and we gathered quite a crowd with us under our gazebo!  But as one visitor commented, "it's like the Titanic, where the musicians keep on playing".  And my costume?  I happily concocted it from my wardrobe - boots from ebay, a vintage skirt, a charity shop blouse and a tablecloth petticoat.  Ta-da!!