I have recently been preparing for a performance at Wendy Ramshaw's exhibiton at Ruthin Craft Centre, 'Room of Dreams'.  It is a collection of the artist's pieces from the last fifty years, and draws inspiration from fairy stories and their characters, such as Duke Bluebeard, Alice In Wonderland, and the Miller's Daughter.  The pieces are exquisite, both delicate and bold, and the overwhelming colours and textures - red, gold, glass - create a beautiful yet dangerous landscape.

For the solo violin repertoire I decided to work around more unusual scales than the Western ear is used to, to echo the effect of familiarity in strangely altered form.  So I have been concentrating on folk music from Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Jewish music, and contemporary classical music.  And for the musical saw, I felt that the many glass displays complimented the saw which is both fragile in its sound yet at the same time strong and sometimes piercing.  So I worked with a backing track based on glasses being played and bells resonating.[slideshow]