...that it's nearly the end of the tour. Oh no!!!!!!!!!  After many many locations, soundchecks, a driving test, a trip to Paris, possibly 100 catnaps, the whole genre of Travelodge from early 80s to 2015, numerous ceremonial carpet-laying moments, a generous amount of crabbing up and down stairs, cheese, chocolate, a few moderate drinking sessions, cheese, a healthy dose of I Spy, a few tantrums, detox, retox, did I mention cheese? amazing shows, amazing audiences, brilliant people to work with, good violin days, bad violin days, a fair few explanations about the musical saw....wowee!! And yet I still can't quite make the sound of a seagull.  I did do a bit of field research with this chap below in Caernarfon, so maybe I can perfect it for this last week.  So if you haven't seen the show already, there is one week left!  Lancaster and Manchester.  See you there!