...very tall...his complexion was very dark, with rosy cheeks...he always rode on horseback, on a blood horse...he wore a three-cocked hat with gold lace, a silk coat with swallow-tails, sometimes red, sometimes green, and sometimes black...the buttons on the coat were half-crowns, those on the waistcoat shillings...he wore two gold rings - only two...


And so this description of Abram Wood, the 'Father of Welsh Gypsies', inspired me to write the song 'Abram Wood' as part of my contribution to the 10 Mewn Bws album.  I incorporated clogging rhythms and a keening vocal line, alongside rough time signatures, to make a crooked and devilish song. The above description is given by his great granddaughter Saiforella Wood, and certainly packs a punch!

Abram Wood was the head of a dynasty of Welsh musicians, and perhaps one can only guess how this legacy has filtered through. Astonishing stuff.

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