Third up on the album PALIMPSEST we have the inimitable Bone Spoon, a personal favourite.  Like every track on the album, I’m illuminating a true story. Here are the lyrics:

I gave you a bone spoon, a spoon made of bone
Take it and keep it to have in your home
When the egg's ready - it will crack! 
So line up your soldiers from front and to back

The yolk it is yellow, the circle is white
So taste it, and lick it, and eat it up right
Oh egg! You're so salty, and sweet, and hot
Your tongue it is hungry and eats every drop

Bone spoon, bone spoon, bone spoon, bone spoon

But why don't you use it? 
You threw it away! 
Buried in the ground for another day
The soil it is sticky - your fingers are black! 
Poor spoon is covered as you turn your back

Yet the spoon is growing to a tall tree - 
The Bone Tree is born! For you and for me
So do not go hungry with your bone spoon - 
Come see me, and bring it, and let it be soon

Bone spoon, bone spoon, bone spoon, bone spoon

I wanted one track to be a devilish nursery rhyme, reminiscent of playground rhymes and childhood chatter, complete with wonky recorders, swanee whistle and a broken violin.The ‘broken violin’ I used was an old cheap violin that was coming apart at the seams, yet still with some flexibility in the wood. This means that when you play it, you can squeeze the violin between your shoulder and chin, compressing the wood closer together, which fluidly changes the pitch.

After the horror of the opening section we move into an instrumental based on the ‘Bone Spoon’ riff, where cello features strongly. I used that old trick of ‘paper pizzicato’ where you weave a piece of paper loosely into the stings to create a buzzy sound effect.

I would like to hear that!