One of my favourite birds of all time is the Buzzard. There are now plenty of them here in North Wales; in fact, once you start spotting them, it’s difficult to stop. If you’re lucky you might see one hopping in a field not so far away, on the ground, looking for worms. Or you might see one perched on top of a street light on the dual carriageway, looking quite fluffy. Or generally the ones I see most often are in the sky, either very close or very high, circling, always a group of three. I can watch them circling for a lifetime, and listening to their call. Seeing them like this always remind’s me of Picasso’s ‘Three Dancers’.

Whilst at university, briefly studying Janáček’s opera The Cunning Little Vixen, I was particularly taken by the scenes in which the Vixen dreams of being a young girl. It seems this transmogrification has stayed with me, and played on my mind the many times I have watched buzzards, mainly around The Panorama of Llangollen. It is normal for a human to wonder what it feels like to fly, but I wonder what it really feels like to actually be a bird? Or perhaps….am I actually a bird, dreaming at night I’m a human?

For this track there is a wild array of instruments that includes autoharp, violin, viola and cello, alongside layered voices. You might read in some places that the whole album was recorded with one mic – and much to my shame, this is indeed true! 95% of the album was recorded with a Rode NT2, placed at some inventive and unusual angles with the aid of chairs and even a ladder, with much traipsing back and forth to my laptop.  Well, needs must. Hopefully the track does transport you far away, to high above the mountains, far away from anything….

I would like to hear this!

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