You know when you can see the moon in the daytime? Yes this. And then you go for a walk, and especially if it’s Winter, the afternoon light can be strangely like a dusk, although it’s still daylight. And you walk along by the copse of trees below the mountain, standing in a huddle, and you watch a buzzard overhead, and you have the feeling that the scene before you is trying to tell you something…

This song begins with field recordings taken around Plas Newydd Llangollen, and the local church bells of St.Collens Church. I wanted to weave Nature into the song, using the bells to set the scene for the musical saw and dulcitone. I could’t resist tapping into the recently published NASA Sounds of Space too! A huge library archive of many different sounds recorded during space missions and journeys – the perfect combination to take us to the moon, and back.

That’s if we want to come back…

My Moon Day Walk
Blue and bright
Sparkling river
Day in night
Bird circling high, cutting cold
My body warm from your hold

Wrapped in many layers to keep me warm
Stop my heart tumbling out
On the ground, in the dirt
Let the animals take it for their own

Peering to the moon
At her face
Waxy whiteness, blank half space
And she spoke
With the birds
With the trees
And she said – beware

Moon Day Walk

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